The List

A colleague of mine told me yesterday she has made a list of 30 things she wants to do before she is 30.  What an inspiring idea I thought!

I broke up with my long-term boyfriend last week and am due to turn 26 in August – pushing me closer to the 30 mark than 20.  So I thought I would write my own list and blog my progress.  Maybe that way I can inspire a few others just like my friend inspired me.  I figured it would also be a great way to get myself through the broken heart healing process a little more positively.

So here is my list so far………….

  1. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia.
  2. Take a French language course (in France!)
  3. Learn to rock climb
  4. Stop biting my fingernails!
  5. Get my driving license
  6. Finish my LPC……….. and get a training contract
  7. Take an art class at adult education – maybe life drawing

I have to say it is harder than I first thought………..  I am wracking my brains!!